The is love in Islam

“Love, honor God, begins and ends in really teasing, and his senses are so subtle, Because of its sublimity, que can not be Declared, nor can understand its essence after a long effort. It is rejected by faith nor forbidden in the holy law, Because hearts are in the hands of God Honest and Powerful, and proof of this is That, between lovers, You have quite a few straight Rightly guided caliphs and imams. In our land of al-Andalus have, Between them, Abd Rahman ibn Mu’awiya, Da’acha love ‘, to Hixam ibn al-Hakam,’ Abd al-Rahman ibn al-Hakam, Whose passion for Tarub, mother of his are ‘Abd Allah, is clearer than the sun, to Muhammada ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman, Whose Relations with Gizlan (mother of his children Utzman, al-Qasim and al-Mutarrif) are Well Known, and al-Hakam to Mustansir, blinded by love Subh (mother Hixam al-Mu’ayyad bi-llah, Allah be pleased with him and all of them!) to the point that kept attention on the children who had other women, not to mention many other like cases.

The is love in Islam

If not for the Muslims eat Obliged to respect the rights of princes , and We Should not hear other than Those in Which you talk acerca your firm and its work on Behalf of religion, and this is not just about Things That Happen in the modesty of its palaces and Within Their Families, que Should not refer anything cite quite a few stories, In That They contained, pertaining to our subject. The main characters and pillars in Their kingdoms, Between Lovers walking, as many are, They Could not contarse.El Which Most recent case saw not long ago, When al- Muzaffar, ‘Abd al Malik ibn Abi Amir, was fancy Wachid such luck, the daughter of a gardener, who came to take her in marriage, and This Woman was the one who, after the ruin of the’ Amiríes, Cason With The vizier ‘Abd Allah ibn Maslama and, later, When This was shot with a Berber chieftain. Something like is what i told Abu-l-to-Ays Qurasi Maymun ibn al-Husayni, Is that Nizar ibn Ma’add, lord of Egypt, to please a slave to Which locally loved, did not see his are Nizar ibn al-Mansur, who was to inherit the throne and claim the divinity, but rather after birth, and That I had another are, and who inherited the kingdom, nor perpetuate his memory, rather than Alfaquis él.Entre pious men of other times and past times Also had many lovers, but who composed verses relevant Their Own Their Stories to quote us. For example, news have reached us enough about the life and poetry of Utba ibn Ubayd Allah ibn Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud, one of the seven fuqaha of Madina. We Also have a legal response from Ibn Abbas Allah be pleased with him!, That fills us With The measurements and Which reads: “This is a dead love and THEREFORE not blood money or retaliation. ”

People Differ on the nature of love and not just talk about it. My view Is that it is the junction Between parts of souls in this world created, walk divided, in relation to how They were first raised in essence, per no in the sense That says Muhammad ibn Dawud (God help him) when, backing in the review of some philosopher, says That “souls are heading spheres”, but in the sense of mutual respect That Their powers were in the house of its high world and neighborhood They now have in the form of its current composition. We all know That the secret of attraction or diversion Among created things in the affinity or repulsion Between them, Because everything always looks its like, what its cognate akin only soothes, and this community has to species action the senses Perceive and Influence That obvious. opposites Between The mutual dislike, mutual sympathy among equals, the impetus That links things together couples are Things That we find good patents in our world. Well, This being so, what does not happen with the soul Whose world is pure and ethereal, que Tends Essentially balanced on high, and Whose substance is ready to Perceive the affinity and inclination, desire and aversion, appetite and repulsion? .

It is Well Known That indeed happening so our eyes in all those Which states in man DEVELOPS and lives. Honest and God Almighty says: “He is who created you from a single soul, que Also created to kill his living with the.” THEREFORE, provided That the reason for Their coexistence Was That Eve came from Adam the same soul. If the cause of love was no more than the beauty of body shape, strength That He would grant had any blemish on her figure would not be loved, and, on the Contrary, Often we see That some people prefer someone less beauty of superiority over other Which Recognizes That, however it, it can not take his heart. And if the cause consisted in the conformity of the characters, not love the man who does not is conducive neither to him is Concluded. Recognize We, Therefore , That love is something That is at the very essence of the soul . Love, however I, Often has a specific cause and disappears When the cause ceases, for I who loves you for something you Desama If That something is over. About this I said :

My love for you is eternal by its very nature, has reached its peak, and can not diminish or grow. I have no cause or reason to the will to love. God forbid That I know nobody else! When we see That something is Caused by itself, has an existence that never dies, but if you have something different, cease When the cause ceases dependent.

Endorses this view That We Know That different lots of love . It’s better for Those Who Love God Honest and Powerful, well for the effort They Both put on a common task, Either agree on the principles of a sect or school, or by sharing the excellence of Knowledge That Can be Given man. But Also there is the love of relatives, of the usual affectionate That, That of Those Who come together to Achieve That common goals engender friendship and knowledge, que is due to a virtuous act That a man With His neighbor does, que is based on the greed of the glory of being loved, That Of Those who love it agree on the need to keep concealed a secret Which is Aimed at Obtaining the pursuit of pleasure and desire, and finally, the overwhelming love That does not need any of the above causes That the affinity of souls.
All of These genres of love cease, acrecen diminish or disappear as Their causes, Increase or decline; Approaches Their causes are revived, and if your motive is languishing away, but is excepted true love , based on the overwhelming attraction, que takes over the soul and can not disappear but with death.
You will find people who believe Themselves To Have Already forgotten his love and Who Have reached old age, but, if you remember, you’ll feel it revive in his memory, and lozanean and rejuvenated, and who Feel That They Become the emotion and excite desire them. ‘ll Also Find That none of the other kinds of love before befall Declared concern, embarrassment, obsession, moving the innate instincts and changing the mode of being spontaneous, exhaustion, sighs and other tests though Accompany love irresistible.

This confirms the notion That this genuine spiritual love is a choice and as a fusion of souls.
That Someone May reply, This being so, the love Should be the same in the lover in the beloved course Between Both parties were united than before and it is fortunate. The answer is: This objection, for my life, is reasonable. Now the soul of love not for the other I have, is surrounded on all sides by some accidents That veils conceal and a tightening earthly nature, and THEREFORE not Perceive the other party That was united with her, before coming to stop where it is now, but , if seen free, Both would equal in marriage and in love. Instead, the lover’s soul is free, and as you know the place Where They will find another soul to Whom I was united and neighbor, looking, Tends to it, Pursues, longs to meet her and Attracts to itself, the can, like iron to lodestone. The strength of the magnet core, although linked to the strength of the iron core, can not, by its own momentum and its impurity, move towards the iron, even him and his kindred same element, but is the strength of iron, in higher power, que is heading for its cognate and is Attracted to him, since movement always the strongest part. The strength of the iron, left to itself and not hindered by any hindrance, seeking junction with like, is Entirely devoted to him, and runs to him to impulses of his own nature and necessity, not by a voluntary movement and deliberate. Now, if you hold fast to the iron in your hand, not longer feels the pull of the magnet, Because its strength can not Overcome Of which Retains, que is older than her. Similarly, if the particles of iron are many, They act on each other And This force cancels relativamente weak interaction, que forces them to move Toward the other body, but When the volume of the magnet and equal forces That of all the forces of the volume of iron, it returns to its usual condition. Similarly, the fire shut up in the flint does not come out, DESPITE the force That drives him to meet and call for it to all parties wherever They are, but then hit the link, When Both bodies have joined pressure and friction. Meanwhile, the fire is hidden in the stone without manifest or appear.
Another argument of the same Is That You will not find two people who love each other not having any resemblance or coincidence of natural qualities. ‘That forced s have, however it little, and clear Is that as Greater These analogies, greater the affinity and love stronger.
Look at this and you can see with your eyes. This corroborates the saying of the Prophet of God (God bless and save!): “The souls are like armies in rows, Where They are Recognized and befriend split are unknown.” We Also confirm These Words of a traditionalist Regarding a godly man: “The souls of believers Recognize each other” .
And for this same reason Hippocrates was saddened Told When an ordinary man That loved him. “I do not love, she said, if I resemble him in some of his qualities.” Dish That Relates to Un certain king imprisoned him without cause, and That I Claimed in his own for many tests, que made ​​clear his innocence and the King Realized That I had been unfair. Then the vizier, who had been in charge of getting the disclaimers King Plato said this: “We are convinced, oh king That he is innocent. What do you have against him now?. “” Upon my soul, the king said, I can accuse you of anything, but, without knowing why, I find it tiresome. “These words were taken to Plato, who Continues: “By Therefore I need to look at me and my character corresponded to some quality That One That had the courage and true character, and That We seem to us either. Noting the character of the king, I saw that she loved and equity loathed injustice. Then I highlighted This quality in me, and just did this affinity and reciprocated his soul had Also this turns into mine, gave orders to let me free and said to his vizier who had vanished in Inside the feelings harbored against me. ”
Concerning the fact that love is born, in most cases, by how beautiful it is clear That, being the beautiful soul longs for everything beautiful and feels penchant for perfect images. As one sees, there is fixed. If then after something That image distinguishes That is aligned, joins her and true love is born, but if not Distinguish anything after That image related to each other, Their condition does not go the way and stays in carnal appetite. In any case, the forms are a wonderful means of connection Between the separate parts of souls. In the first book of the Torah, I read that, for the days When the prophet Jacob (blessing be upon him!) Pastured the cattle of his maternal uncle Laban to win was to give dowry for his daughter , Agreed Between them, to divide the young of the flock, That all the sheep would be dark stained Jacob and Laban. Jacob (blessing be upon him!) Rods cut tree, girdling half and leaving the other half in your being, then Threw them all into the water where watered the flock, que, after drinking sent to pregnant ewes, all calved offspring Whose number was divided into two equal halves, one dark and the other stained.
It Also has a physiognomist expert who Brought a black child born to two white parents. After Considering all its features, proved Please to be both, no doubt, and then Asked to be taken to the place where parents had cohabited. Upon entering the room was the bed, I saw a black image on the wall where the woman lay look. “Because of this, said the father, you had this child.” This notion has been hyped by poets scholastic affiliates in many poems That target inside the outer visible as if it intelligible. repetidísima We find in the compositions of Ibrahim ibn al-Nazzam Sayyar and other scholastics, and I myself have said in verse on the subject: There is no other reason, you know?, victory over enemies, or another source of to flee, if we do escape, That the tendency of all men’s souls to you, O hidden gem Among the Nations! Those who follow you will not be lost ever since moving all as night commuters, to your exalted birth, and Those Who Preceded you feel Their souls make them change the course to you meekly, and all Their retrace steps . A friend of mine called “fantastic perception” to a mine qasida, que are these verses. It’ll all remaining opposites. And so how can you define the contradictory concepts? Devoid of dimensional body Oh! Enduring accident Oh and That does not stop! Took down for us the basics of theology, que, since You Showed, is no longer clear. And so fully that love happens with hatred, as you will see two people hate for no reason and without cause, and can not be endure each other for no reason. In short, God will honor, love is a disease rebel Whose medicine is in itself, if we treat it, but it’s a delightful disease and poor palatable, to the Extent That one is free from it denies health and Those Who suffer do not want to heal. Torna beautiful in the eyes of The Man That hated before, and paves what Seemed Difficult Earlier, to the point of disrupting the innate character and congenital nature, and, God willing, will be briefly Stated In Their respective chapters. i knew a young man in my relationships got into bad ways of love and fell on Their networks, who racked melted passion and suffering, but Which, nevertheless, did not want to beg God That Honest and Powerful rid of That misadventure, or taking off his tongue to pray, Because its only peep, Despite The torment and the excessive large though, was united With The being who loved it and own it. What do you think of one who, being sick, not to be free from your ailment? One day, They kept her company, seeing him so downcast, sad and silent, I was sorry, and Wished, Among other things: “God comfort you! “But I saw the point in your face samples loathing what I said. On a like case in a long poem I wrote:

Oh my hope! I delight in the torment That You suffer. While I live, I will not leave you. If someone tells me, “You’ll forget your love”, but I do not answer with Jan and o.
lover These qualities are, however I, opposite to That of itself Referred Qasin me Abu Muhammad ibn Muhammad al Qurasi, Known for the Xabinisi, one of the descendants of Imam Hixam ibn Abd al Rahman ibn Mu’awiya, que, as I said, I’ve never loved anyone, nor was grieved That a close friend away from him, nor since birth, had exceeded the limits of fellowship and friendship to enter the boundaries of love and passion.

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