Life of Prophet Noah (Nuh)

Then Noah (P) Lucifer asked: “What is the state must be the man that your predomines about it?” He replied: “In a state of anger”.The Imam Ali Ibn Musa (P) said: ‘When Noah (P) took the ark, God through a revelation told him that if he feared drowning repeat the phrase a thousand times Lâ il.lâha il.lal. Allah (there is no god but God) so that he and his followers had met their salvation. After Noah (P) and his companions collected boats and anchors, suddenly a violent storm began, at which point Noah (P) babble forgot the exact words that had been taught and Syriac One asked God for help. Then the ark went smoothly their way and Noah (P) himself said: “The words that saved me from this calamity must come along forever. And this was the reason why Noah (P) recorded in his ring this sentence: “My God, a thousand times repeat: Lâ il.lâha il.lal.lah, You enmiéndanos” .

Life of Prophet Noah (Nuh)

Sadooq Shaykh based on reliable documents, recorded in his book Amali that “Noah lived about 2500 years; eight hundred fifty before being appointed as Prophet nine hundred and fifty years after his appointment dwelt among his tribe. Noé (P ) took two hundred years to build his ark and five hundred years after the fall of this and have calmed the sea overflow, began to populate the earth. On one occasion that he was taking the sun appeared the Angel of Death and after to greet him the news that he had come to bring it to life eternal. Noah (P) requested time to switch places and going to shadow said to the Angel of Death: “The time I’ve spent on earth , is equal to the time it took me to retire from the sun into the shade “and then died” ii.

On one occasion a man of the people of Sham (now Syria) asked Imam Ali (P): “What was the name Noah?” The Imam (P) said: “His real name was Sakan but was known as Nuh ( Noah) and that for nine hundred fifty years the step by nuheh, namely: lamentations and supplications to God. ”

It is also recorded a narration of Imam Sadiq (P) where it says: “The real name of the Prophet Noah (P) was Abdul Gaffar, and was known as well (as Noah) because lamented sad and sorry” iii.

So this Impeccable Imam also said: “Noah was called ‘Abdul Malik and is known as Nuh since followed cried for five hundred years” iv.

Shaykh sadooq in this regard stated: “As for the real name of the Prophet Noah (P) actually is a name showing the beauty of devotion as Abdul Gaffar, Abdul Malik and Abdul A’la” v .

Rawandi in his Qisas ul Anbiya recorded the following account of sadooq and he in turn was based on a chain of narration up to Wahab, which is backed with reliable document says: “The invitation of the Prophet Noah (P) for nine hundred fifty years resulted not only disobedience of his tribe to the extent that in the presence of the Prophet the same parents warned their children that in the event that they continued with life, not imitate, because he was considered a insane “.

Imam Hadi (P) said: “One day Iblis (Lucifer) appeared to Noah (P) and said:” You have made me a big favor, you can consider me a good friend. “Noah (P) reluctantly Lucifer’s words. God through revelation commanded His messenger who dialogase with him. Then the devil said: “When we see that man is jealous, feels lust, greed or envy, in a hurry or revolts , then attacked them and taking their beliefs and intellect. then pollute it with an attribute demonic. Regarding the great help you gave me was you did appeal against the land to which the encaminaste to Hell and I gave me strength as they would otherwise have had to discuss with them for a long time ‘”vi.

(Editor’s note: the devil is a great deceiver who consistently attempted through various means to seduce the human being, even the Prophets. Course the method used by the devil with them is different, so sometimes they are about speaking in this way and even giving good advice. The devil never could seduce any of the Prophets, however in some traditions have been recorded these meetings to serve as teaching for posterity).

In the work is registered Kamal Ad Din narration of Imam Sadiq (P), backed by reliable documents, which says: “Fifty years after Noah (P) decreased the ark, is the Archangel Gabriel appeared to him and said:” The Time of Your prophecy has ended, the period of your life is over, now delivers the hidden name of God and His wisdom to your son Shem (Sam) as the period being the death of a prophet and the appointment of the next should be successor by a wise and devout “. Ham (Ham) and Japheth (Yafez) the other two sons of Prophet Noah (P) did not inherit anything of prophecy and Noah (P) were given the news of the coming of a future Prophet, ie the arrival of Prophet Hud (P) “vii.

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said: “The average life of the people of the tribe of the Prophet Nuh (P) was three hundred years old and he lived two thousand four hundred and fifty years” viii. Regarding the longevity of the Prophet Noah (P) involves many different versions such as 1450 years 1470 years 1300 years, but most reliable and more news in this regard is 2500 years ” ix.

Tabarsi Shaykh regarding the verse: “… it was a grateful servant” (17:3) says: “Every time Noah (P) dressed or ate food thanked God, to begin saying Bismil.lah-in name of God, and at the end Alhamdu lil.lah-thank God. ”

Abdul ‘Azhim Hasani, supported by a number of reliable documents, tells the following story of the eleventh Imam (P): “Noah (P) lived 2500 years. One day I was sleeping in the ark, suddenly a strong wind blew which raised his clothes and left his lower abdomen bare. Ham and Japheth to see what happened began mocking, then Sem asked to refrain, however, they continued boasting. When the Prophet Noah (P) woke up and found out what happened to his two sons swore … Also Noah (P) pleaded for his son Shem and asked God to the descendants of Japheth and Ham were under the direction of the descendants of Sem until the last day and this is understandable because as said by Noah (P) Sem was obedient and sincere, however Japheth and Ham were otherwise “x.

In the work Mayma’ul Tabarsi Baian the late Ibn records Babuîah comment regarding the above narration it says: “In my opinion it is inconceivable that Japheth name as one of the children who mocked his father, because if analyze all accounts registered in this regard, Cam designate as guilty while Shem and Japheth regarding say who approached his father and covered him with a blanket “xi.

Then Noah (P) Lucifer asked: “What is the state must be the man that your predomines about it?” He replied: “In a state of anger”
Rawandi, supported by a number of reliable documents, records from Ibn ‘Abbas that “Lucifer approached him Noah (P) and said:” I owe you a favor and you cursed your village and killed many of them. Now I recommend the following: First, stay away from the insolence and selfishness, second distance yourself from pride and arrogance, and third prevents envy. And it was selfishness that prevented me prostrate before Adam (P) and that made it expelled from Paradise, the arrogance was the cause of Adam (P), which enjoyed the delicacies of the garden, ate the forbidden fruit and were expelled from Paradise, and envy the reason that the son of Adam (P) killed his brother. “Then Noah (P) Lucifer asked:” What is the state must be the man that your predomines about it? “He replied:” In a state of anger “xii.

(Editor’s Note: As mentioned before, sometimes the devil tries to deceive the prophets giving them good advice with the intention of making them into doubt. Prophets were never deceived or seduced by the devil, and the fact that these meetings have been recorded in the Traditions because they contain are profitable for teaching that man, even if it’s the word of satan, God curse him. Not to be confused thinking that the Prophets followed and transmitted the teachings of the devil, because it is not like that at all.)


Ibn Nooh Ibn Mûtiwashlij Ajnûj, was the first Prophet after Idris, and was born the same year that Adam died the Prophet (P). He had four years when he was appointed Prophet xiii. The people began to bother him: he was beaten until he lost consciousness and fell when he caught his meaning said “God directs my people, they do not know!” But your people will stick both to the degree that he was bleeding from the ears . Then his body had vanished and fanning front porch of her home. God Almighty, through revelation, he sent a message saying: “None of thy people will believe except those who already believed. Grieve not, then, for his substance “(11:36). After this, Noah (P) cursed his people when he said: “Lord! on earth do not let any affair with life “(71:26). Then God made sterile forty years both men and women. Noah (P) asked his people to repent: “Ask forgiveness from your Lord, that He is forgiving” (71:10), since they were recalcitrant. Consequently they and their gods were prey to the wrath of God and drowned. Having dropped anchor again the ark as idolatry began among mankind, people named their idols with the same names as the people of Noah (P) had chosen for their gods idolaters of Yemen “Ya’ûz and Ya’ûq “, the residents of DUMAT-ul Jandal (near the city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia)” Korûd “; those Hemîar Idol” Nasr “, so the Hudhîla Idol ‘Sawa'”. This continued until the arrival of Islam xiv. In many of the stories mentioned that Allah Almighty is, not pity any of the inhabitants of the village of Noah (P).

God for the wife of the Prophet Noah (P) and the wife of Prophet Lot (P) says: “… Both were subject to our righteous servants but betrayed them …” (At Tahrim, 66:10). Ibn ‘Abbas said: “The wife of Noah (P) was incredulous, as he assured the people:” My husband is just insane. “And when someone was attracted to the words of Noah (P) without promptly denounced him to the Sultan oppressor of that time. Regarding the betrayal of Lot’s wife (P), was that when attending to the guests laughed and encouraged. Either way both were unfaithful in their beliefs and any of the wives of the Prophets are adulteresses can cross off. few as Sadi betrayal consider these other group disbelief and hypocrisy regarded as “xv.

Recorded from Imam Ibn Sinan Sadiq (P) the following narration: “After three hundred years of the Prophet Noah (P) called his people and did not achieve the desired result, at the dawn of one of those days decided to curse his people . A group of heavenly angels in total numbered about twelve thousand asked him to change his opinion. Noah (P) replied: “The examine again for three hundred years.” Finally, the situation did not improve once again the Angels sought a new opportunity and Noah (P) waited another hundred years at the end of nine years Almighty Allah, he revealed: “Verily those who have faith in you, will be those who have faith in your Lord” and Noah (P) within the imprecations he made to his people said: ‘Lord, do not let the earth in any affair with life!’ (71:26). Then God commanded that I may plant a stake of date palm, when people saw what was making his Prophet, mocked him. Passed fifty years after this event, the club became a strong and lush palm, then Noah (P), by order of God, and the direction of the Archangel Gabriel began to build the ark with the trunk of the palm. This measuring 1200 feet long (old measure equivalent to 42 m. approximately) eight hundred eighty wide and tall. Noah (P) to build the ark, needed help, until it was God’s command to communicate to his people that those who secundasen to polish wood, this waste would become gold and silver for them. It was like a group waiting gratification lent cooperation. Yet most people made fun of him, because he was building a boat on dry land and from the sea “xvi. The same Imam (as) said: “In the time of Prophet Noah (P), before the flood, did not force women to get pregnant for over forty years. When Noah (P) finished building the ark, God commanded that in Syriac gather all the animals of each species and pick a male and a female, and accommodate the ark. His followers did not exceed the eighties, then God commanded: “… Embark therein two of every kind …” (11:40). Noah (P) finished polishing and build an ark where is today the Mosque of Kufa. The day arrived, that is, the day that was to be destroyed the tribe of Noah (P). His wife was baking bread in a place now known as ‘far ul Tanur’ in the Mosque of Kufa. Suddenly Noah (P) heard his wife shouting desperately: “It springs fire water” Noah (P) ran to where he was this and a bit of mud closed the opening. When Noah (P) finished loading the ark went to the stove and removing the mud of the opening exposed the rift. At that time was that the solar eclipse reached its entirety and the flood began, and then began to flow strongly water springs. At God’s command, Noah (P) and his followers went into the ark, the big waves made the ark was spinning on an axis. Then Noah (P) saw his son worried about his life, this was where he said: “Come up with us, be not with the unbelievers” (11:42). His son replied, “I seek refuge in a mountain water to protect me” (11:43). Noah (P) argued: “This day nothing can against the command of Allah, any but those on whom He will have mercy” (11:43)-and continued-“Lord! My son is of my family. Thy promise is true “(11:45). God, the Exalted, through a revelation told Noah (P): “He is not of your family! Is unrighteous “(11:46) then,” came between them the waves and was among those who drowned “(11:43). The waves carried the ark to the region where Mecca. By then, the water had covered everyone except Bait ul Haram. The Ark for a while circled and sailed around the Ka’bah which is the only place that remained above water. For forty days without interruption deluge heaven and earth springs of water flowed constantly. The water level rose so much that it seemed that the top of the mast touched the heavens and Noah with his hands raised and Syriac read, “My God, benefit us …”, then God commanded the earth that swallowed accidentally water springs had sprung from them, without ingesting water that had fallen from the sky, and it was this that made up the seas and oceans exist. Noah’s Ark (P) stopped at Mount Yudi protruding from the water. Then God said, “… Noah! Disembark with peace from Us and blessings on you and descendent communities who accompany you. There are communities that let you enjoy a little time. Then punish them severely ‘(11:48). Then Noah (P) with eighty followers descended from the ark and began to build the city of Samânîn. The human generation continued its existence as a result of the marriage of a daughter of Noah (P) who was in the boat and that is why the Prophet (saws) said: “Noah is one of the two fathers of mankind” xvii.

There are different versions of the interpretation of the verse: “… he is not your family …” (11:46), which in summary we mention these.

-First: Ibn ‘Abbas said: “Although he was a son of Noah (P) was not the winners, as chosen were a special group that God promised to save their lives:’ … except those against whom fate has already gone forth … ‘”(11:40).

-Second: It means, “Your son is not in favor or your religion or your way”, contrary to what the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) argued on Salman Farsi: “Salman is my family.” And to emphasize this view, God says, “is unrighteous” or “Your son left the straight path, the path of the Divine laws to approach the path of disbelief”.

-Third: Another group argues that it was not really true son of Prophet Noah (P), but it was the product of a murky relationship that took his wife. Of course, this view rejects the Holy Quran that says: “… Noah called his son …” (11:42), and that the Prophets are exempt from these charges.

-Fourth: That we consider it as an adopted son of Noah (P). But the first two views are closer to the narratives that exist on this subject xviii.

Imam Baqir (as) said: “Before the advent of the Prophet Noah (P) believers peoples occupied the land. After his death, the devil took advantage of people’s feelings and composed faces (as an idol). People in winter took them to their homes and came to love them, so it was a large group of these people through the Demon fell in disbelief and were seized Divine punishment “xix.

In the play ‘Uîûn Akhbar ar Rida, is registered to a man from Sham (now Syria) asked Imam Ali (P) to the verse: “the day that a man flee from his brother, his mother and of his father, his partner and his sons “(80:34-35). The Imam replied: “Where it says” flee from his brother “refers to Cain, Abel, which says that” (flees) from its mother “refers to Moses, where he says” (flees) of his father “and” (flees) of his partner “refers to the Prophet Ibrahim (P) and the Prophet Lut (P) respectively, and where it says” (flees) of their children “concerns Noah (P) when moving away from his son Ham” xx.

They asked the Imam Rida (P) your opinion about the verse: “O Noah! He is not your family! Is unrighteous “(11:46). The Imam (as) said: “Some say that he was not the son of Noah (P), but this is an unacceptable accusation because Cam went the way sinful and therefore-God-What this term means” xxi.

Imam Sadiq (as) said: “In the past, the city of Najaf was on a mountain and Cam responded to the invitation of his father saying:” I will take refuge on a mountain to me from the water “(11:43 ). But after the mountain Cam disobedience disintegrated. Then he went to the city of Sham. In the place of the mountain was formed a great sea and called it Mar Ni. After a while it dried and that spot became famous by the name of Jaff, and people today known as Najaf “xxii.

Imam Sadiq (P) argued: “The approximate height reached by the water in the time of Prophet Noah (P) exceeded by fifteen cubits the top of the highest mountains xxiii. In the play Min lâ Îahdar as a narrative of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH): “When the calamity occur when the people of Noah (P), God Exalted, commanded by a revelation to gather together some tables teak. Noah (P) did not know the cause of what he had been commanded, led by the Archangel Gabriel, began preparations to build the ark. The Archangel Gabriel was carrying a box containing 129 thousand nails for use in building the ark, Noah (P) used them all except for five nails. One day Noah’s hand touched one of these five nails, a radiant light suddenly appeared in the sky and one of the nails, by Divine command, he began to speak and said: “I represent the name of Saiîed ul Anbiya (Mr. of the Prophets) Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul.lah (BP) “. Noah (P) obeying the orders of Gabriel clinched the nail on the top right side of the ark. The second nail representing the USIA ul Saiîed Ali Ibn Abi Talib (P), which clinched the top left side of the ark. The third nail, on behalf of Fatimah Zahra (P) as introduced by the first nail, and the fourth in the name of Hasan ibn Ali (P) placed it next to the second. When the hand of Noah (P) played the fifth spot in addition to seeing a luminosity inconceivable felt a special moisture. Then the Archangel Gabriel said: “That moisture you feel is the blood of Husayn (P)”. Then he began to tell the disloyalty of his people and Noah (P) swore to their murderers xxiv.

Imam Sadiq (as) said: “The time that Noah (P) and his followers were in the ark was seven days and nights” xxv. Others say it was six months and another five months. It is also recorded an account of this same Imam that says, “Noah (P) built the ark within one hundred years. After gathering the eight specimens of animals that the Prophet Adam (P) brought to earth, to prevent the extinction of their species when cast out of Paradise. Then rose the ark, as the Holy Qur’an says: “… (He has created for you) four pairs of quadrupeds: one sheep and one goat, … one of camelid and bovine another …” (6: 143-144). And where it says a couple of sheep, refers to a domestic and a wild, whose hunting is lawful (halâl) and the pair of goats are also two groups: one domestic and one wild, camels and cattle livestock are also divided into two the domestic and wild. Also Noah (P) ark came to different domestic and wild birds “xxvi. A group of interpreters argue that the term “partners” in this verse refers to male and female and not domestic and wild. Although Noah (P) embarked the dog and the pig, abstained from the ark lead the bastards xxvii.

Imam Sadiq (P) said: “The testimony of illegals is not acceptable, nor should be given the role of leaders.” Also this same Imam (P) to the verse “but were but few who believed with him” (11:40), argued: “Only eight people from his village followed him” xxviii.

In the work Gaîbat Na’mânî, sits the following narration of Imam Sadiq (P): “God, through revelation, commanded Noah (P) to plant a date-pit and I said that when it to bear fruit, would soon sign that his people would be punished. Noah (P) put his peers aware of what would happen, when the tree gave fruit, Noah (P) received the order that I may plant another pit. This was when the people of Noah (P) was divided into three: the apostates, those who donned the garb of hypocrisy, and the third, those who believed in him. When the second tree bore fruit, his followers asked him to fulfill his promise, but God was ready for another opinion and a third time he was ordained that I may plant one pit of date. After what happened, his people again divided into three: the renegades, the hypocrites and the believers. This was repeated ten times and each time reduced the number of his followers, until one of them said: “Oh! Submitted. You act according to what God tells you to come or not punishment, we do not lose faith in you. ” That was when God commanded the elect board the ark “xxix.

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