Kinship in Islam

Than the virtues of charity to relatives, and the commandment to them, and spending on the needy, including the following:

1. Saying – the Almighty -: Dad, why spend Say what you spend good Vllodin and kin and the orphans and the poor and the wayfarer, and do good, only God knows 215 Baqarah: 215, introduced God – the Almighty – parents and next of kin.

2. He said – the Almighty -: you, if he wrote any of you die if left good bequest to parents and next of kin is really upon the pious 180 Baqarah: 180.

3. And male – the Almighty – it causes storm Aqaba, a hardship Hereafter, he said – the Almighty -: or feeding in a day of inanition 14 orphans a country close to 15: 14, 15. Gathered in feeding three things: that the feeding on the day of severe hunger, and it has orphan father spent Almhafq, and that the relative ratios.

4. Rather, God – the Almighty – is from The dividing inheritances to be given attended by relatives is inheritors, to give something of inheritance Jabra to thoughts he said – the Almighty -: If attended division Ulloa kin and orphans and the poor Varozkohm him and speak to them words of kindness “women: 8”.
Said Baghawi – God’s mercy -: The scholars differed in the provision of this verse, he said people: are replicated, said Saeed bin Musayyib and Dahhaak: This was before any inheritance when he got a verse inheritance made to her family inheritances, and copied this verse. And others said: is the court is the view of Ibn Abbas, popular and Nakha’i syphilis, Mujahid said: is due to the people of inheritance what Tabat by themselves, then said Baghawi: Some said a first words: This the scars and mustahabb, not on Alanm and for worse.

5. It also recommended – the Almighty – kindness to kinship, he said – the Almighty – in airtight Downloads: parents charity Thi kin and the orphans 83 Cow: 83 In another verse: and good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans 36 women: 36.

6. Just as God – the Almighty – is Baata kinship with their right, he said – the Almighty -: The kin rolls right and the needy and the wayfarer That is best for those who want the face of God 38 Roman: 38.
In another verse: Watt a kinship right and the needy and the wayfarer and sow wasteful 26-Isra: 26.

7. The command of Allah – the Almighty – kindness to relatives and are relatives said – the Almighty -: God commands justice and charity and giving to relatives 90 Bees: 90, and said – the Almighty -: and Ulloa wombs each first some in the book of God 75 Anfal: 75, so the delivery a kinship of the greatest land as he said – the Almighty -: but righteousness believe in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets, and brought money to his love of kin and orphans and the poor 177 Baqarah: 177, but that Abu Bakr – may Allah be pleased with him – what heard that flat bin furniture – may God bless him – occurred in the fabrication of charge Aisha – God bless them – NATO not to spend it, and was soon to Abu Bakr came down saying – the Almighty -: not Aotl Ulloa thanks you and amplitude that Straight preliminary kin and the poor and immigrants for the sake of God and forgive and forgive. Do you not want to forgive God you and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful 22 Light: 22, Between – the Almighty – in this verse that alimony and charity to the relatives reason for forgiveness.

8. The Prophet – peace be upon him – was recommending his companions paper relatives; In an interview shaking son Hakeem from his father and grandfather to one of the Companions asked him, he said: “O Messenger of Allah: of Apr? Said: your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then the closest next closest .

Cessation goals kin:

First: that the moratorium on kin increase Takaful family, and put the balance of the difference between the rich and the poor relatives.

Second: that the reward stay constant as long as the suspension remains. Muslim narrated from Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: “When a person dies, his work stops except three; ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous son calls him” Valoagaf ongoing charity wage and reward.

Third: The utility renewed Join him from relatives and other times elongated, said Dahlawi – God’s mercy -: “initiated cessation of interests does not exist in other alms; the rights may distract the sake of Allah a lot of money then Livni, requires those poor deprived, not better not beneficial to the public to be a solitary thing for the poor and the wayfarer distract them benefits and remains its origin “

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