Islam in South Korea

The history of Korea that Arab traders arrived to early and effective access to Islam came in during the Korean War Last year after 1950, reaching to Korea Turkish troops within forces of the United Nations and was the imam of these forces, Sheikh Abdul Rahman, and constructed by Turkish forces mosque to perform the rites Islam in 1956, and I accept Koreans to convert to Islam, Voatnq 4000 Korean Islam, then taken it the number of Muslims is growing, and be the Islamic Union of Korea in 1963, and was appointed Sabri surveys president of the Federation and Abdul Aziz Clem secretary, and built a mosque temporarily in Seoul. And resides Muslims in the three regions, in Seoul and Busan, in the town of Kwangju, the estimated number of Muslims in Korea around 5000 Muslim, and there are many Muslims overseas Koreans, and the number of Muslims in the development of a continuous, so that Algalabh Algzemi of South Korea’s population professing Alboudah.

In (1976) has Sabri surveys president of the Union of Islamic Korean and lumen Osman Kim professor of Arabic at the University of Hancock visited a number of Muslim countries including Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jerusalem, with the aim of closer relations between Muslims in Korea and the Islamic world, and Saudi Islamic Cultural Center in calling activity among Koreans working in Saudi Arabia, and gave thousands of them.

Mosque and Islamic Centre:

In 1967 recognized the ministry Korean Federation of Islamic Korea, and the donation of the Republic of Korea a plot of land to build the mosque and Islamic center main Seoul and put foundation stone for the project in 1971, the same year he went delegation of Muslim South Korea to meet with King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud during his visit to Japan, supporting the Muslim minority physically, and in 1978, the head of the Islamic Union Korean visit Arab countries to support the project of the Islamic Center visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Morocco, Libya, in 1974, celebrated the completion of construction of the Islamic Center in Seoul attended by delegations from some Arab and Muslim countries, and after a year celebrated the completion of the construction of the mosque of the Islamic Supplement Center in Seoul. In (1976 conference of Muslim minorities in Seoul, and Atkhadd center-based, and opened the Arabic Language Institute in the same year the Islamic Center in Seoul, then formed the first Islamic Society charity Korea, and the foundations of the Union small mosque in Busan, and an active center in the production of booklets about Islam in Korean , and visited the country Saudi delegation Kuwaiti and suggested building a school to teach the children of Korean Muslims, and donated to the project of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud amount $ 25000, grant annual sent to the Islamic Union of Korea. A project to build a hospital and an Islamic university in Korea.

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