Engagement In Islam

Courtship, a period that precedes marriage for long relationship between the two parties, and try to understand each other and discover Alokhalagah print.

Courtship legally:

Valkhtabh in the eyes of the law does not entail any of the rights and duties, they are for long period, and often do not need for a long time and would prefer not to drag on, because they are without legal cover saves girl’s rights in the case of young retreated from his view.

Engagement Language: deed, held, and women’s speeches to the people if asked to marry them. In the terminology: Request marry someone she considered him, a tentative agreement, and promised to marry, and engagement is the first step of marriage.

Cultural habits:
Courtship habits in Egypt:
Concept of engagement in Egypt is different in terms of place and social class. For example, speech habits vary from Upper to Lower Nubia, and so on, but normal and customary in the middle classes is as follows: the girl chooses the man that you want to link to, but not most girls prefer to speak to her the man himself and asked the sermon. She prefers to go to her guardian. Advance man for the girl’s guardian (her father or her brother often) and prefers to be with him one of his relatives. Then comes the step of taking the opinion of the bride (the girl). And agreed, Father begins to question the young man to make sure the health of its intention and morals and good walking and behavior. As if she refused, not entitled to Guardian force them according to all the heavenly religions and human rights, but there are still families, especially in Upper Egypt and the Egyptian countryside using coercion and force to influence the girl. Often have a family engagement ceremony, which offers network (engagement ring, chain, earring, bracelet). The ring engagement is usually a two rings of gold made one for the bride to wear on her right hand and wears is the other in his right hand also moves each episode to the left hand after marriage, often a period of courtship short not favor that goes on for years, after which the marriage.

Religious customs:
Engagement in Islam:
Engagement in the language is asked to marry the woman’s family. Engagement broken Allha are at stake here, You say sermon annexation Alha means a sermon that are being said on Friday, for example, or that are being said in the holidays. Sharia: Request by women for marriage from her family, and a sermon in Islam and duty and one which may not be the sermon on the sermon any may not lead a man to propose to a woman she is engaged to someone else, because the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad bin Abdullah as narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh, Ahmad in his Musnad: { insured insured’s brother, it is not permissible for him to has bought to sell his brother, not preaching a sermon his brother even WeatherBug “any: even leaving sales and adjusts for the sermon}.

Conditions of validity of the sermon:
1. Should not be taboo forbidden eternally if she is forbidden for him because of birth or through breastfeeding or affinity.
2. Should not be prohibited from Haj or Umrah.
3. Not be married to a couples or Matdth and gunning four sections:
1. Righteous from the death of her husband: permissible exposure Bouktabtha or may permit so as not to hurt the feelings of the people of the deceased.
 2. Revocable divorce righteous Baynunah junior permissible exposure Bouktabtha may not permit that her husband was the suitor, but that was her suitor, he may permit or exposure in the sermon.
 3. Revocable divorce righteous Babobh major may him exposure Bouktabtha not permissible for him to declare his sermon so as not to conflict occurs between the wife and the Mtalgaha. D – retroactive righteous divorce: deprived of exposure or permit Bouktabtha because of the marital relationship between her and her husband remain as long as the kit.
Not be betrothed said the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah {he is not using a man to propose to his brother to marry or leave}.
Addressed may be due for his sermon that was back in the interest of like he discovered a defect or Discover deception because the sermon does not transgressed to be a promise to marry and not binding may each terminate the engagement without requiring any of the parties to the last complete marriage. And hates to return one sermon is an interest and this is like selling when returns the item without the discovery of a defect to be distasteful. And, if the suitor gave the foal he may recover when you return for his sermon, and he may recover $ perished correct when the majority of scholars. The suitor gave a gift he can repossess, but if the gift does not have perished to recover the price correct when the majority of scholars.

Provisions of courtship in Islam:
Deprives alone with his fiancée alone, but must have a mahram with her. May be considered for the betrothed . Because of the foundations of choosing a righteous woman to be beautiful in the eyes of the suitor , but the conditions, namely, that meant his outlook intent on marrying and not request the outlook approval But if he does not this was thinking that preaches girl Sultan he may not be seen because he sure of his refusal to advance. Be not married or betrothed.

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