Cooperation in Islam

The many forms of cooperation in Islam, and Islam has urged us to cooperate in all that is good for everyone. It is the wisdom of God the Almighty that make some people rich and others poor, to help each other in matters of their livelihood, and helping them to worldly matters, and comforted. It was narrated that Abu Moosa may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him, said: “The Ash’aris if Ermiloa in invasion or less food dependents city, gathered what they had in a single garment, then Aqtzmoh them in a bowl understand me and I am of them,” The Messenger of God peace be upon him.

Perhaps one of the most important forms of cooperation and beautiful is the cooperation of all of the gathering one task to accomplish this task to the fullest with careful what pleases God. This was the concept of the Prophet, peace be upon him when he sent Maaz and Abu Musa, may Allah be pleased to Yemen, where he said: “Yusra nor Tbeefa, and human beings nor Tnfra, Ttauawa not differ from” certified messenger of Allah upon him. That commandment Prophet Muhammad came to reach the role of cooperation and its meaning in the completion of all works and functions, where the auxiliary inherited love and bonding and closeness between individuals.

The concept of cooperation in Islam:

God said in the Holy Book urges us to cooperate in matters of goodness and Ernfrna of cooperation in evil: “virtue, righteousness and piety and do not help one another in sin and aggression and fear Allah, Allah is severe in punishment” (Table: 2) great truth of God. As Muslims can cooperate to participate philanthropy esteem and money, and generosity of time, and encourage its spread in the community to raise the spirit of cooperation between people. It also cooperate to do the rights of Muslims, and cooperation to achieve the rights of Muslims large door includes various forms of cooperation.

The mattresses in evil evil is to help him, then satisfaction, then silence for denial. If we look at Islam and found cooperation extends to the broad prospects, and extends to the spiritual side and the social, political and economic, is a comprehensive coverage of Islam, not only on the side of material benefit, but cooperation means tender in all directions and all circumstances, which is sharing a public service and participation of all people to access noble goal and noblest goals, what was keeping religion and life, honor and money and mind, achieving security and faith.

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