Adoption In Islam

There are two types of adoptions:

First: To determine the significance:

The determination of the opinion of Islam depends on determining significance on the (adoption), the wanted him care and attention to children, whether foundling or an orphan and caring upbringing and spending it or establish institutions of attention and Bomthalh of this segment of society: all of that is encouraged by Islam and wants even tempt seeking for the greatest reward when God Almighty, but Islam is the opposite retract religion, he said God Almighty: {what do you think that lying to religion? That is he who Orphan} neglects and insults him. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as in Sahih Bukhari: «I am the one who sponsors an orphan in paradise. The often repeated verses that urged to take care of orphans and the wayfarers who are foundlings.

This adoption is not which is forbidden by Islam because it does not prove its fraud in proportions nor the sanctity of marriage and legalization of mixing daughters adopter and kin nor entitlement legacy, but it is the care and raising and spending, and it may come to him what he wants from his money in his life and to recommend him in the range of one-third of his estate after his death.

Second: adoption is forbidden in Islam:

But if we wanted to (adoption) What is common today to make the child bears the name of the family and have their rights and enter into lineage and worth of inheritance and obscure principals of relatives true, and mingle when he grows up with wife adopter mixing children with his daughters mixing sisters and so with his sisters or aunts or aunts, all of that Muharram most taboo because fraud and lies and injustice, came Islam and this adoption is widespread in communities Vahramh and fought and stayed in it from the Koran wise words of God Almighty: {What made Adaiakm sons ye say about your mouths and God says the right which leads the way * invite them to their parents that is more just when God did not know their parents are your brethren in religion …} This is justice, right and humanity.

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