Ablution In Islam

Ablution in Islam is the first destination for the purity of his because it is required for each prayer is generally pray in the correct conditions not accept the prayer of one if you even ablutions.

Meaning ablution:
Ablution annexation waw name of the act is to use water in the members-specific and open the name of the water that ablution by is taken from Alaudhaeh Hassan and hygiene and brightness of the darkness of sins and is so named because confer on members of the lighting washed and religiously use of water purification in the four members of the face, hands and head and legs.

Ordinances ablution six are not ablution valid only, namely:

1 – faith
2 – Face Wash
3 – Wash your hands up to the elbows
4 – head scan in whole or in part
5 – washing the feet up to the ankles
6 – respectively.

Sunan ablution:

1 – label.
2 – wash your hands before enter them in the pot.
3 – rinsing.
4 – inhalation and Alastnthar.
5 – Survey ears.
6 – washing three times.
7 – in the water economy.

How to perform ablutions are:

To wash your hands three times, and Taatmdamad and inhale three times, and rinsing the mouth: to make the water in the mouth and Mjh and raised. Inhalation: attract water with air to the inside of the nose. Then wash your face three times. Then wash your hands up to the elbows thrice. Then wipe your head, and wipe the ears, then wash your feet to the ankles three times, this is the fullest has proven from the Prophet in conversations in Bukhari and Muslim narrated him Othman Abdullah bin Zaid and others, has also proved it in Bukhari and others that ablution only once, and that ablution twice twice in the sense that it washes each member of the ablution once, or twice.

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