A Good Wife In Islam

It recipes good wife:

1- it religiously and you create what God has enjoined upon worship,

2- they obey her husband in disobedience to God; because no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator, and her husband Btaatha upright their marital life, and Asaadan in their lives.

3- her love for her husband: This powerful love is one of the reasons the survival of the marital relationship, and a sign of this love: it attaches to her husband, and his preference for life on the other, and obey Him and asked please Him.

4- It is a recipe good wife Msaratha to request the pleasure of her husband if something angered them, Anas bin Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – that the Prophet – peace be upon him – said: «not tell you Pencaúkm in Paradise? We said: Yes, O Messenger of Allah! Said: Friendly and Lod, if you get angry or abused them or the wrath of her husband said: this my hand in your hand does not Akthal Bgamad until you are satisfied.

5-It is described: serve her husband and serve guests in the range of known, has Be wives of the Prophet peace be upon him  Akhaddmenh and serve guests, as well as the wives of the Prophet  peace be upon him  God bless them all, but this love people to the Prophet  peace be upon him  his daughter Fatima milled Barahy and drew water until the stranded hands and Akhcocent, making requests of her father peace be upon him a servant, Fidelha better than that which is mentioned at bedtime.

6- to maintain her husband’s wealth, do not spend it only with his knowledge and give charity from him without his permission, unless the miserly take as his money without his knowledge as much as they need and the need for their children, and in the modern right: «The woman is the shepherd of her husband’s house and is responsible for her flock.

7- care and upbringing of children rearing valid, Vtencihm worship and other morality.

8- maintenance display in his absence, it speaks to it, not Thakrh for women, does not reduce the value and prestige and manhood, nor taken Mhzoh mocking him and laughing at women, not disclose his secret, has been reported in Sahih Muslim: «that of the evil people in status on Resurrection man leading to his wife, and women lead to her husband, then publish one secret of its owner.

9- to help him to do good of righteousness and charity and kindness and to invite and advice.

10- and recipes good wife if a poor solvent and her husband to spend it is not arrogance, but all the love and willingly, and they should not can feel thanks him, so do not Atavv of taking them.

11- patience with the hardships of life with him, this is the real test for women, bear and be patient until God comes with his private part of him.

12- It is a recipe good wife embellished and beautify them to her husband so that they strive not fall his eyes on what he hates them in itself.

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